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BPL Awards & Gala Dinner on Feb 20. Get ready for 2015. BPL launching new ground with stadium lighting in 2015. Day/night 30/30 and night tournaments all summer long! Get ready for the action.

2014 Awardees announced

It's time to recognize the "best of the best" in the BPL for 2014.  The following players and teams will be recognized and awarded at the 3rd annual BPL Awards & Gala Dinner on February 20 at the Bolingbrook Golf Club.


Champions - Combine Stars

Runner Up - Bolingbrook Raiders

MVP - Mohammad Sami (United Cricket Club)

Best Batsman - Fahad Babar (United Cricket Club)

Best Bowler - Fahad Tariq (Bolingbrook Raiders)

CER Player of the year - Fahad Babar (United Cricket Club)

Man of the Match (Final) - Sohaib Imran (Combine Stars)

BPL 200+ Batsman Award -Fahad Babar (United CC), Yaseen Bahmaid (United CC), Mohammad Sami (United CC), Arshad Khan (Incredibles), Shoaib Khan (Flamez), Faisal Yahya (BB Raiders), Hammad Qureshi (BB Raiders), Syed Husnain (Incredibles).

Most Improved Team Award - Bolingbrook Thunder

Best Captain Award - Faisal Yahya (BB Raiders)

Best All Rounder Award - Khurram Shehzad (Combine Stars)

Most Promising Player Award - Talha Mohsin (United CC)

Fastest Bowler Award - Moin Babar (United CC)

Rising talent award- Jasim Sajjad (BB Thunder), Arsalan Babar (United CC), Imran Babar (United CC), Asad Tariq (BB Thunder), Naveed Zahid (BB Thunder), Yaseen Ahmad (BB Raiders), Noor Syed (BB Raiders).

Stylish Batsman Award - Jasim Sajjad (BB Thunder).

Umpiring Awards - Naeem Siddiqui, Waseem Hasan

Youth League Awards  U13, U15, U17, U19- To be announced

Congratulations to all the recipients!  See you all on February 20th.







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