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BPL Rules - Please click on the below link for a PDF copy of the rules

 BPL 30/30 Rules 2016


The rules of the Bolingbrook Premier League abide by the basic laws of cricket. Rules are for everyone and uphold the integrity of the BPL. Please abide by all rules at all times. Disciplinary action and up to permanent removal may result if not in compliance.

1. League matches will be scheduled for morning, afternoon and evening start times. Please pay close attention to the start time of your scheduled matches (refer to the published league schedule, which will be available on the BPL website). The first match of the day will typically start at 8:30 am, although the league reserves the right to modify the schedule to best accommodate all matches. The toss will be scheduled to occur 15 minutes prior to the start of play. The home team for the first scheduled match of the day is expected to be present 30 minutes prior to the start of play, to assist with field set up. The home team for the final match of the day will pack up the field.

2. All teams must attend on time for toss 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of play with a minimum of 7 players WITHIN THE AREA OF PLAY (does not include the parking lot). If the minimum players are not there for the toss, that team will lose the toss. If both teams do not have the minimum 7 players available at the time of the toss, the first team to have 7 players to arrive to the area of play will win the toss (in this instance, the match will commence 15 minutes after the “toss” has been decided. The umpire will adjust over limits and issue reduction-in-over penalties as necessary to complete the match within the allotted time.

3. Any team found violating the time rule will have to forfeit 1 over for every full 5 minutes the team is late after the scheduled start of play: for example - if a team does not have the minimum 7 players available until 10 minutes after the scheduled start of play, they will lose 2 overs from their innings. Umpires watch/phone will be the defining time mechanism. The opposition team will still be allowed their full complement of overs.

4. In the unlikely event of neutral umpires not being present, the league will appoint an umpire. Each team is responsible to provide a scorer and leg umpire. However, the league appointed umpire holds ultimate authority and has discretion on the field at all times.

5. The league will provide each team with the playing ball in the beginning of each match. All match balls remain the property of the BPL and are not to be used for team practice (the league needs to maintain a supply of used balls for replacements in match situations where balls are lost or damaged).

6. Scoring: The BPL will provide score books for teams to use. Each team is responsible for completing the scoring as accurately as possible, including the statistics for batting, bowling, fielding and extras. This will enable accuracy when scores are entered on the BPL website. Furthermore, on ground 1 where the BPL has installed an electronic scoreboard, the batting team will also be responsible for operating the electronic scoreboard.

7. Any player not in the correct kit will not be allowed to play. Full identical, colored uniformed kit (shirt & pants) required with correct shoes for safety. The appointed umpire will have the final say as to the acceptability of uniform items (for example - special consideration may be allowed if part of the uniform is ripped or torn and becomes unwearable during the course of the match). Each team has the option to choose their own uniform, and make it as simple or elaborate as they would like. If desired, uniforms may be purchased through the BPL (approximately $25 each plus shipping). Each team must indicate to the BPL their choice of kit prior to the start of the season, and uniform requirements will be enforced in all official BPL matches. The BPL suggests that all teams purchase and bring to each match a few spare uniforms to avoid any player-uniform violations.

8. For batting and wicket-keeping, all teams must also wear colored protective pads. Pads can be any color other than white. If teams need colored pad covers, these can be purchased from the BPL (approximately $10-12 per pair). Note: a wicketkeeper can choose to wear slimline pads that fit underneath his playing pants. These can be white, since they will be covered.

9. Each team can have a squad of 22 players. Along with the roster, teams must submit a copy of a suitable form of photo ID for every player listed on the roster. Team roster and IDs must be submitted to the league prior to the start of the BPL regular season.

10. A roster of the playing 11 must be given to the umpire before the match. The 12th man may only be a substitute fielder. He may not bat, bowl or be the wicket keeper. NOTE: A substitute fielder may only be permitted as a replacement for a member of the playing 11 if that player is present. A substitute will not be permitted for any player, named in the playing 11, that has yet to arrive for the match.

11. Player transfer/change/addition will not be allowed under any circumstances after July 15th. A player may only transfer one time for the season. Each team will be allowed 1 roster change free of charge prior to July 15th. Additional changes to the roster will be at a cost of $50 each, as long as it is prior to July 15th.

12. In order to qualify for post season/playoffs the players must have played in minimum of 50% of matches for their team in the tournament. Matches in which a player is listed as 12th man and present at that match will count toward the 50% qualification requirement.

13. The umpire must be given full respect and it is the captain’s duty to control the players on and off the field. No abuse will be tolerated. Any team found abusing the umpire verbally, physically will be disciplined by the board. The umpire’s decision is final and has to be respected.

14. If for any reason there is a dispute between teams, this must be reported to the umpire and board in writing who will then consult with involved parties and take appropriate action.

15. BOWLING LIMITS: for 30/30 matches, a bowler is allowed a maximum of 6 overs. In the event a match is shortened due to weather, then the umpire will determine bowling limits and inform both captains.

16. FREE HIT – Any NO BALL that is called by either umpire will result in a FREE HIT to the batsman on the next (legal) delivery and will also score 1 run to the batting team for the no ball. The batsman may not be given out unless it is a run out. The ball will not be counted as part of the over. Field positions may not change for the free hit (if the same batsman remains on strike). The umpire will signal the no ball and raise his arm in a circular motion for the free hit.

17. POWER PLAYS – For 30/30 matches, the BPL has put in place 3 mandatory power plays per innings

a) Power Play 1: At the start of each inning, there will be a mandatory power play of 6 overs for 30/30 matches. During this initial power play, a maximum of 2 fielders will be allowed outside the 30 yard circle, and there must also be 2 fielders, other than the wicketkeeper, in catching positions (eg, slip, gully, short cover, short mid-wicket). The umpire will have final discretion to determine whether a fielding position is considered to be a “catching” position.
b) Power Plays 2 and 3: Each team (batting and the fielding team), is required to take a power play at some point during the remainder of the inning. For 30/30 matches, these power plays will last for 3 overs. For power plays 2 and 3, the fielding team is allowed a maximum of 3 players outside the 30 yard circle. There is no particular order in which these power plays can be taken, each team can opt to use their power play at any time, as long as a power play is not already in effect.
i) In the event that both the batting and fielding team ask to use their power play at the same time, then the fielding team will be given preference to use their power play first.
ii) If there is a power play that has not been used by the end of the 27th over for 30/30 matches, then the umpire will enforce that power play in the final 3 overs of the inning.
iii) If neither team has chosen to use their power play by the end of the 24th over for 30/30 matches, then the power play will be enforced by the umpire consecutively for the remaining 6 overs of the inning. These will be designated in the order of the fielding team power play first, overs 25-27 for 30/30 matches, followed by the batting team power play, overs 28-30 for 30/30 matches.
iv) In the event that the match is shortened due to a weather delay, or similar reason, then the umpire will consult with the team captains to make a determination for the number of overs to be applied to each of the power plays.
c) In non power play overs, the fielding team is allowed a maximum of 5 players outside the 30 yard circle.
NOTE: in the event that a fielding team does not have their full eleven players available on the field, then priority must be given to fulfilling the complement of players within the 30 yard circle. IF THE FIELDING TEAM IS SHORT OF PLAYERS, THEY MUST FILL THE CIRCLE FIRST BEFORE THEY ARE ALLOWED PLAYERS OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE.

18. BOUNCERS: For all matches, bowlers will be allowed a maximum of 1 bouncer per over. A bouncer is considered a ball that bounces at or over the chest height of the batsman, in his normal batting position. If the ball clearly bounces over head height, then it will be called a wide, but will still count as the bowler’s allowable bouncer quota for the over. Any ball that is considered to be a bouncer and exceeds the bowler’s allowable quota for that over, will be called a no ball.

19. DANGEROUS BOWLING – BEAMERS: If a bowler delivers a dangerous ball (a beamer, defined as a full toss above waist high directed at the batsman in normal stance) he shall receive a warning from the umpire. If this same bowler delivers a second dangerous full toss, he will no longer be able to bowler will in the match. The umpire will make the determination as to whether a full toss is dangerous (at the batsman) or not (not directed at the batsman). A full toss over waist height will still be called a no-ball, regardless of whether it is dangerous or not.

20. THROWING: any bowler who delivers a ball with a distinct throwing action will incur a NO BALL. A bowler will be warned by the umpire for throwing, and will be allowed 2 warnings. If a bowler incurs 3 throwing no balls in a match, he will no longer be allowed to bowl in the match. (Please note: these are not to be taken personally).

21. All basic ICC rules will apply in addition to the mentioned BPL rules.

a) Use of a protective helmet by a batsman is mandatory.
b) Use of a protective helmet by a keeper standing up to the stumps is mandatory.
c) Use of a protective helmet by any fielder in a dangerous position (short leg, silly mid on, silly mid off, etc) is mandatory.

23. Cricket is an outdoor game, and play is subject to weather conditions. Each team may experience up to 3 rainouts (split points results) prior to the BPL considering rescheduling makeup matches. The BPL will reschedule rained out matches for any team that has already experienced 3 rainouts. Any rescheduled matches must be played between the two teams that were originally scheduled to play in the rained out match. The league, if at all possible, will attempt to prior notify all teams of any cancelled matches. At times cancellation is a match time decision – if they have not been prior notified, teams are to assume that matches are to be played as scheduled. The umpire will make the match time decision as to whether a match can be played/completed or not, due to the prevailing weather conditions.

24. Duckworth-Lewis calculations will be used to determine the result of any match that is prematurely shortened due to conditions such as rain, bad light, lightning, or other issue that prevents the normal completion of the match. All Duckworth-Lewis calculations shall be determined by the BPL designated D/L application, which will be made available to all team captains/management prior to the start of the season, and will remain in effect for the entire season.
25. It is the responsibility of both teams to clean any garbage left on the premises after the game has finished. Team captains/management will be notified if their team is in violation of this rule, and the league reserves the right to impose points penalties for teams that frequently violate this rule.

26. i) Each inning will last for 30 overs for 30/30 matches with an interval of 15 minutes between innings. All teams are required to maintain time control (this includes limiting mid wicket conferences and excessive water breaks – the umpire reserves the right to ask the players to get into position to play). The match will only be considered completed if each team has played at least 15 overs per inning.
ii) 30/30 Matches are scheduled to be completed within 5 hours, which includes time for the 15 minutes changeover between innings. As such, the fielding team will have 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete their 30 overs. Penalties for slow over rate will be applied.
a) If the team fielding first does not complete their overs, or bowl the other team out, within the designated time, that team will lose overs from their innings when it is their turn to bat, at a rate of 1 over for every 5 minutes (or part thereof) that the fielding team ran over time (eg, if the team took 10 minutes more than 2 hours 15 minutes to bowl their allotted 30 overs, or to bowl the other team out, they would lose 2 overs from their innings, and would be required to chase the target in only 28 overs).
b) If the team fielding second does not complete their overs, or bowl the other team out, within the designated time, that team will have the batting target reduced. The reduced target will be determined based on the run rate of the first innings multiplied by the number of overs still to be bowled when the innings is due to be completed after 2 hours and 15 mins (eg, if the team fielding second had a run rate of 5 runs per over when batting, and still has 2 overs to bowl when their allocated time is up, then the target will be reduced by 10 runs). The batting team will still receive their full complement of overs.
c) The umpire has the FULL and FINAL say in whether time penalties will be enforced, and will take into account other factors such as delays due to lost balls, excessive delays by the batting team, actual start time of an inning, etc. Any team that is in jeopardy of violating time requirements will be notified well in advance (typically by the drinks break) so that they can attempt to avoid such penalties. The umpire will consult only with the respective team captains in regard to the slow over rates and whether any penalties are imminent or need to be enforced.

27. Each team has to have minimum of 7 players present at the beginning of the match. No game can start until each team has the minimum. If a team fails to present the minimum playing 7 by 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of the match, then the match will be forfeited and the opposing team will get the win. Any player on the fielding team that arrives late will be allowed to field, but will not be allowed to bowl or keep wicket for the equivalent amount of overs that he missed (eg arrive 5 overs late, must wait another 5 overs before he can bowl). Any player on the batting team that arrives late will have to wait the equivalent amount of overs before he can bat (eg arrive 5 overs late, must wait another 5 overs before he can bat). Exception – the late arriving batsman can bat at any time if 8 wickets have fallen. Any player on either side arriving after the end of the 10th over will not be allowed to play.

28. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie/weather and any unavoidable circumstances, irrespective of wickets lost/runs made.

29. If at the end of the season, teams are level on points the positioning of the team will be determined by the net run rate.

30. Registration for the 2016 season will begin 3/5/16. Teams are to submit their $200 deposit (non-refundable) by 3/5/16. ALL fees are to be paid by 3/19/16. The schedule will be released by 3/31/16. The season will begin 4/30/16.

31. The board reserves the right to amend the rules. Any playing rules will only be changed with the approval of the majority of teams involved.

32. It is Captains responsibility to be familiar with all the rules in order to avoid any unpleasant incident involving the Playing rules.

33. Captains are responsible for submitting scores to the league at the completion of the match, on match day. Scores are to be uploaded by Wednesday of the week following the weekend matches.

34. Use of alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited.

35. Players will only be allowed to use on ground portable lavatory facilities.

EXCEPTION: for 2016, the BPL will be entering a team into the competition that comprises a roster of youth (U16) players along with select adult players, and periodic guest players. The purpose of this league team is to provide playing experience for the BPL youth league players, and promote the development of future talent. This team will be exempt from strict enforcement of some of the rules listed above. All on field playing conditions will prevail. However, this team will be allowed a roster of more than 22 players, and may be permitted to play with guest players not in team uniform (note: bat/bowl/field figures by guest players from other teams will not count toward official season statistics).


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