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NewsWhy play the BPL?

First premier league of Chicago. First to offer a neutral/non participant governing board in Chicago. First organized youth league in Chicago. First to install an electronic scoreboard in Chicago. First to own permanent sight screens in Chicago. First to offer permanent exclusive stadium lighting in Chicago. First TURF WICKET of Chicago. First to introduce cricket into Chicago Public Schools & Park District. First to offer all neutral ICC certified umpires & coaching staff in Chicago. First to bring you in 2017..... BPL Champions League Division - The Midwest’s most prestigious & premier division.  Played on turf with a premium 5 layer Duke ball.  Offering 2 neutral umpires and unparalleled quality in America. BPL First Class Division - An elevated division. Not for the ordinary cricketer. CPL - Chicago Premier League Liberty Cup

BPL Stadium Turf Wicket

2017-04-28 02:11:17

The BPL stadium is building the very first turf wicket in the Chicago area.  The pitch construction...

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